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THE SAM tool experts recommend

The foundation of the FlexNet Manager Suite is FlexNet Manager Platform that provides extensive hardware and software asset management (HAM and SAM) capabilities for managing desktop, laptop and server hardware, and software from more than 14,000 vendors.

Flexera FlexNet Enterprise Management Suite

It is impossible to manually measure the usage of software. The right SAM tool software to support Software Asset Management processes is essential. Softline Solutions recommends the SAM tool FlexNet Enterprise Management Suite from Flexera Software.

Key Platform functionality includes:

  • Discovery, Inventory and Application Recognition across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC OS)
  • Discovery & inventory of virtual servers for VMware vSphere, ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Automated Purchased versus Installed License Reconciliation
  • Oracle database discovery, inventory and license management
  • What If' Analysis to measure the impact of changes in the IT environment on licensing

Integration with Existing IT Systems

The Platform seamlessly integrates with many other Inventory, Procurement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resources systems to collect the necessary inventory, purchase order, user, computer and organizational data. It provides out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Altiris, BMC, IBM Tivoli, HP DDMI, etc., to allow importing of inventory and usage data, leveraging your prior investments.

'What If' Analysis

The FlexNet Manager Platform provides industry-first 'What If' Analysis capabilities that allow organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position, before the changes are actually made. This simulation capability supports Oracle Processor, IBM PVU (in conjunction with FlexNet Manager for IBM), and Microsoft Server Processor and Microsoft Server Core (in conjunction with FlexNet Manager for Microsoft) licenses, as well as the general purpose Processor Points and Core Points licenses. Actions such as modifying hardware properties, moving virtual machines across hosts or installation of a new software title can be simulated, providing an estimated license position and financial impact that reflects these changes. This 'What If' analysis capability allows organizations to proactively maintain license compliance, reducing software cost and license liability risk in today's dynamic IT environments.