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Staying informed – that’s basically what the world of IT is all about. We keep you updated with facts, background and in-depth evaluations on new technologies, developments and strategies. There is a lot to learn. Take a look. Right here. And, of course, you can also come to one of our events!

SAM@Softline Flexera User Group congres

Softline Solutions facilitates knowledge sharing among peers. The SAM@softline Flexera User Group conference takes place every year. Software Asset managers and licensing executives from different (international) organisations come together to share knowledge and experience about SAM related topics focusing on SAM tooling. Experts from Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite are present to answer Flexera user's questions. Also the roadmap of FlexNet Manager is explained. This conference is suitable for organisations who are orientating on a SAM tool or are working on their implementation. The conference is open to end users only.

Why participate?

  • Meet your peers
  • Learn from each other's experience in a comfortable & familiar environment
  • Gain knowledge about different Software Asset Management related topics

SAM@Softline roundtables

Softline Solutions Benelux organises roundtables, with a strict end user only policy, with a strong focus on sharing knowledge and experiences about Software Asset Management in the broadest sense of the word.
The previous editions:
Topic: "How to handle & minimise the risks of an audit"
Topic: "SAM Tooling: a step by step approach".

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SAM@Softline LinkedIn group

Sign up now for Softline Solutions' exclusive (private) SAM@Softline LinkedIn group to connect with your peers. Within this group, Software Asset Management is discussed in the broadest sense. Of course, specific questions can be asked regarding license management. This group is strictly accessible to end users.

SAM@Softline webinars

Several times a year Softline Solutions organises webinars focused on the current topics within the SAM market. Participating the webinar is accessible and suitable for all types of organisations with a different SAM maturity level. During the webinar participants have the opportunity to ask questions that will be answered directly. For privacy reasons, the names of the attendees will not be shown to the others.

Why join?

  • Information and insight; when it suits you
  • Follow the development within SAM market
  • Discuss specific topics with experts and peers