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IBM 2 day deep-dive

Do you want to know how you can realise savings and minimise risks on IBM 
licensing in your organisation, in only two days? Our IBM expert will deliver an 
overview of your savings potential, including mitigating actions to avoid risks – all offered to you as a practical action list.

Unlock your savings potential in only 2 days!

A lot of savings potential is still untouched. Often because there is not enough time and knowledge to see the possibilities, or to define and manage the actions to realise these savings. This is where Softline Solutions can step in!

Two days of deep-dive interviews with main stakeholders (management –  licensing – purchasing – legal – technology), combined with information from PassPort Advantage will result in:

  • insight in potential cost savings on your IBM licenses
  • quick results (only two days)
  • decrease settlement amounts
  • best ROI on consultancy costs

Use our expertise and save on your IBM license costs by gaining insight in how your organisation can realise compliance, control and cost savings. 

Create your best return on investment ever on your consultancy costs! Let us know your interest, and we will call you.

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