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Flexera Data Platform: How to incorporate it into your SAM Strategy?

You probably know a lot about your IT assets, but do you know everything? Most SAM teams have a lot of asset data available, however translating this asset data into valuable information is difficult and time-consuming. Gartner has found that 40 percent of all initiatives fail due to poor data quality. Data quality issues impact every aspect of IT and present challenges for SAM and other IT teams.

So, an accurate view of your assets is a must! Only then will you be able to create transparency on your assets. Not only to make accurate decisions from a Software Asset Management point of view, but also to help other IT departments within your organisation make better decisions. 

Flexera’s Data Platform enables organisations to visualise the impact of certain decisions on software and hardware, for example:

  • On a IT operation level: Is your organisation ready for Windows 10? Can you identify a complete list of applications? Do you know what versions are currently running? And most importantly, do you know what versions are Windows 10 compatible or require upgrade?
  • On a Security level: What vulnerabilities are you exposed to and on what level are they? (end of life, out of maintenance?)
  • For IT architects: How to get valuable information about lifecycle of technology assets and do planning of costs and resources accordingly?
  • For Software Asset Management: How can you easily consolidate data from multiple sources, make it consistent, accurate, complete, and keep it up-to-date on an ongoing basis? What insight do you need to make well-thought-out decisions about compliance and cost savings? What data would be helpful for other IT stakeholders?

Flexera Data Platform

The Flexera Data Platform has an answer to all these questions. It delivers actual, relevant and trustworthy data about your IT-assets – at any time, at any moment. Softline Solutions and Flexera invite you to our joint webinar, where we will inform you about how and in what way Data Platform fits your current ITAM strategy. 

Date & Time 

  • Thursday, September 27th 2018
  • 10:00 - 10:50 AM CEST


  • Martijn Braamskamp – Sales Manager / Managing Consultant @ Softline Solutions
  • Adam Jeffries – Senior Solution Engineer @ Flexera
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